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Soft Capsule

What is soft capsule?
The contents are filled in liquid form (solution or suspension) in the soft gelatin capsules

    Soft capsule is made by a shell like gelatin that contains liquid type content.
    The first soft capsules were hand-made by two pharmacists in France in the 1830s.
    Since then, there have been methods such as plate-press with commercialized technology,
    but they were not very productive and required a lot of manual works either.
    In 1930, the Rotary die process* that overcame these limitations was invented by R.P. Scherer.
    (* Rotary die process: dropping contents into two returning molds)
    It is still used today and is the most innovative technology in producing soft capsules.
    RP Bio is the only company in Korea that has inherited R.P. Scherer’s innovative original technology
    (Rotary die process) and is leading the domestic OTC soft capsule market with differentiated technology from other companies.

  • 02 Why Soft Capsule?
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      Soft capsules are quickly disintegrated and absorbed effectively.
      After taking a soft capsule, the gelatin shell is quickly emulsified with the gastric fluid, then the capsule bursts and quickly becomes disintegrated (within 10 minutes).The inner fill comes out and is effectively absorbed as it spreads widely throughout the stomach wall.
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      As the soft capsule fill is a liquid or a suspension (self-emulsifying / micro-emulsification system) in which the fine particles are uniformly distributed in the liquid, the bioavailability is increased.
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      The bioavailability of soft capsule is higher than that of tablet and hard capsule. In general, the bioavailability of each type is followed by
      Liquid > Suspension > Hard capsule > Tablet > Coated tablet.
      (The bioavailability of soft capsule is comparable to liquid or suspension)
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      Soft capsules are less likely to cause gastrointestinal disorders, such as gastric ulcers. Tablets are disintegrated by attaching to the stomach wall so it is likely to cause gastrointestinal disorders. However, soft capsules are relatively less likely to cause gastrointestinal disorders, because the liquid or suspension fill spreads widely throughout the stomach wall.
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      Soft capsules are easy to take without unpleasant. The soft surface not only makes it easy to swallow but also protects the bad flavor.
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      Soft capsules are highly stable. The outer shell protects the active ingredients from the outside air and light which can cause oxidation and photolysis. The active ingredients in the oil-based fill can be protected from water, and hydrolysis.
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      Soft capsules are highly uniform in content.
      As the contents are liquid or suspension, it is easier to achieve the uniformity of content rather than powder and available to contain very small amount of drug in a dosage form.
      ex) Calcitriol 0.25 μg
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      The appearance of soft capsule can be a differentiating factor. It has a variety of options for colors, shapes and size compared to tablet or hard capsule. So, it allows us to differentiate of products and produce high value-added products.
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      By using the patented technologies of the soft capsule shell and content, you can be protected from excessive competition in the market and maintain market share effectively.
  • 03 Soft Capsule Usage
    Oral soft capsule
    General soft capsule
    Enteric coated soft capsule : prevents the drug being released in the stomach and can be applied to all types of enteric coated drugs.
    Chewable soft capsule : antacid, nutritional supplement for kids, etc.
    Suppository soft capsule
    Soft capsule type suppositories are easier to insert and have improved solubility than conventional ones.
    A rectal suppository soft capsule : Safely used for patients who cannot take oral administration and apply to children's fever reducers.
    Single-use soft capsule
    Tube-type soft capsules are used mainly as an external application.
  • 04 Health functional foods
    • Soft capsule (Gelatin, Vegetable, Chewable, Enteric)

    • Tablet (Non-Synthetic, Chewable)

    • Powder (Granule, Effervescent granule, Stick type)

    • Jelly stick

    • Hard capsule

    • Others (Multi pack)