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History. Tradition. RP.

In 1933, Robert Pauli Scherer invented the original rotary die encapsulation process which revolutionized the softgel gelatin capsule industry. This new approach dramatically improved the quality of the softgels, while at the same time significantly reduced the costs of production. To commercialize this patented technology, Robert Pauli established RP Scherer Corporation in 1947.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, a global health care company based in Korea, formed a formed a joint venture with RP Scherer USA in 1982 in order to create a softgel leader in Korea. And hence, that is how RP Scherer Korea Ltd was first established. Now renamed to RP Bio, Inc, the company continues to carry forward the tradition of leading in technological advancement and innovation in softgel encapsulation

RP Bio is now striving to become a global provider of advanced softgel technologies and manufacturing services. To produce products that meet the highest of standards, RP Bio has been building and maintaining relationships with world renowned health care partners such as, Eisai, Wyeth, Roche, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Aventis, and Bayer.

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