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Our mission is to keep things seriously simple. Whether it is our product concept designs or the way we work with our partners, RP Bio makes everything easy to encapsulate your ideas.


RP Bio is striving to become a global provider of advanced softgel technologies and manufacturing services. As an industry leader in Korea, we are now proudly showcasing our expertise in the international markets to fulfill our mission in a global scale. To produce products that meet the highest of standards, RP Bio has been building and maintaining relationships with world-renowned health care partners such as, Eisai, Wyeth, Roche, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Aventis, and Bayer.

회사명: (주)알피바이오 ㅣ 대표이사: 한승호, 김남기 ㅣ 전화: 02-2002-9715
본점 : 서울특별시 강남구 영동대로 315, 4층(대치동, 대경빌딩) ㅣ 사업자등록번호: 620-86-00448
사업장 : 경기도 화성시 향남읍 제약공단 4길 35-7 ㅣ 사업자등록번호: 304-85-11124